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 NEW Download! Divinian EZ Translator!

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PostSubject: Re: NEW Download! Divinian EZ Translator!   Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:40 pm

Don't give up on your book. Just remember, don't publish it until you are fully satisfied with it. it would be stupid to have to republish it again. I haven't remember seen the downloads because I can't download the stuff yet.

I'm trying to imagine how big the book will be and what all you have added into it. I also wanted to let you know is that, I bet Luc Besson wrote the dictionary as if it were following the French grammar. For Example:

To choose the name of our future baby is without any doubt a décison not obvious. For you help in your research, here a database including several ideas of names. I hope that you will appreciate.

Choisir le nom de notre futur bébé est sans nul doute une décison pas évidente. Pour vous aidez dans vos recherches, voici une base de données incluant plusieurs idées de noms. J (jour) 'espère que vous apprécierez.

It might be a great idea to study French to get a great perpective for any additional researching. Plus if you research on what macrons/diacritics that were used in the language, you can figure out which languages were used in the creation of the Divine Language by Luc Besson.
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PostSubject: not dead... just forgetful...   Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:26 pm

Hey Kadajiroth!

Oh, I'm so sorry that the forum has been neglected of late. Apparently I was having an Alzheimer's moment there for a couple weeks! LOL! And I've been SO busy with the book, that the site has taken a bit of a back seat. I have come up with so many interesting grammatical 'rules' and developing 'proper' ways to speak Divinian, and it's just been amazing and insane and all-consuming! My family thinks I've completely lost my mind, and I've only confirmed to my colleagues just how huge a geek I really am! Laughing

So I'm struggling a bit with what direction to take the website. Originally, I was planning to post every chapter on parts of speech and grammar as a separate reference page on the site, but I'm concerned that will be too much and redundant... I'm not even sure how much my existing reference pages are viewed or used. My hit count is nearing 10,000, which is AMAZING, but not sure that the information aside from the actual dictionary is of any real value to my followers. I've tossed around the idea of posting .pdf downloads of every chapter, but then I wonder if there's any point in planning to publish if it's already available via the site. But I certainly don't want to restrict what information people have access to, even if I have a book available for purchase - this is not a money-making endeavour at all, which is why I also don't have advertisements on my site. I don't actually think I could legally make any profit off what I'm doing anyways, simply because of my lack of copyright permission to the original language. So do I make EVERYTHING available on the site (LOTS of bandwidth and dozens more webpages), or do I offer the basics only here and the book (once published) as the main reference?? Oh, I just don't know.

Anyways, I'm off to spend the day working on sentence structure, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions... the text is so close to being complete now, I can almost taste it! I'm eager to get it all printed for first proof, and if I'm at it all day today, I may just be able to do that this coming week!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new translation tool - let me know if you have any problems with it!

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PostSubject: Re: NEW Download! Divinian EZ Translator!   Sun Nov 16, 2008 3:40 am

That's brilliant, fantastic work! Good to see you back, I thought this forum had died for a while there.
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PostSubject: NEW Download! Divinian EZ Translator!   Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:00 am

Hey All!

Well, I'm finally able to get back onto my own forum - ya know, part of job is to remember passwords, and I NEVER forget my work-related passwords, but you think I could remember the damn password for my own forum? What a goof! LOL! But I'm back now, so that's all that matters! Smile

So I've re-designed the database available for free download. I was going to continue adding to the existing dbases with all the new info I've come up with, but I decided it just wasn't really a practical tool, and the file size was just getting out of hand for reasonable download. Most of the reference material for the language is available here on the site (always more to come, of course), and if / when my book gets published, it will be the main source of information for the language. So I decided to simplify the dbase, reduce it's file size (now only about 500kb) and offer it as a basic translator tool. So I've removed all the frills and toggles, even the synonym listing, and presented it as a single word translator only. It searches all direct translations, as well as the 7000 or so related words hiding in the background. It searches on English or Divinian words, and will offer results that include parts of words, synonyms and related words. I've only tweaked the Access 2007 version so far, but will have the 2003 version up shortly. I wanted to offer a couple suggestions on it's usage, for those who haven't worked with my previous databases:

1. To search the database, simply type your search word into the Search: field in the upper left-hand corner of the English-Divinian Reference screen and either click on the magnifying glass or hit Enter twice. To close your results screen, or any screen within the database, just click on the red X in the upper right-hand corner.

2. When possible, use the singular root word of the word you’re searching, and if you still get no results, try using a partial or similar word.

3. The Search function does NOT recognize punctuation or accents, even if the resulting word contains it, so avoid the use of any punctuation and accents when searching words. In their place, search on root words or partial words. For example, instead of searching ‘apipoulai' (with the umlaut on the 'i'), simply remove the letter with the accent, or in the case of punctuation, search a partial word.

4. The Search function searches the entire database, both English and Divinian words, and it also searches partial words, so you may get search results that are not directly related to your search criteria. For example, when searching the word ‘and’, one result you will get is ‘daya’ which means ‘sympathy’ - neither word contains the word ‘and’, but a related word is 'understand', which is why you'd find that in your results. Because I'm not offering the synonym listing in this dbase version, this may cause a bit of confusion, but I'm hoping not.

5. I've build the search form as a pop-up, and the application itself should be restored down upon opening so that only the form is visible. The application can be maximized, but there's little point as all functionality has been removed from it. The pop-up form can not be re-sized, but it can be moved around your screen. Please note that closing or minimizing the application to your taskbar will also close/minimize the form.

I've added all the new words I've come up with to this new version, including several that are not even on my site yet! All verb conjugations and noun declensions are also included! As you all know, this is an on-going project, so this new download will be updated regularly with new information. I will post each time it's updated, of course.

My ultimate goal is to come up with a way to do full text translation, similar to that offered by Babylon, but this is proving to be very difficult. I'm still working on a solution, but for now, I'm afraid I can only offer single-word translation.

The larger dbases are still live on Mediafire, but if you can't find them, just let me know and I'll post the links again.

Thanks, everyone, and ENJOY! Smile

T. download.php?z2itye3mwlm
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PostSubject: Re: NEW Download! Divinian EZ Translator!   

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NEW Download! Divinian EZ Translator!
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