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 Major Changes: My Blog

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PostSubject: Major Changes: My Blog   Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:32 pm

Greetings to all fellow Fifth Element enthusiasts.

I have been doing some research and I will be posting it in my blog. I'd like you all to come and visit it any time soon to check out what I've discovered!

My explainations are too long to begin posting in here and because I had problems trying to list my research (this forum kept dumping out what I was trying to explain as I hit certain buttons) while posting it.

So please be patient and don't be hesitant to also add me as a blog follower. I'm going to be adding the RP forum eventually, photos of prop items, several pictures of obsessed fanatics (found on the net), and many other things related to my research.

You can link to it from then click onto Leeloominaï's link in the follower section titled: "The Supreme Being". It basically started out as information about Leeloo and now is going into other areas. I haven't add the new stuff yet but keep checking it. You can also leave me a message in the chatbox below on the main page too.


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Major Changes: My Blog
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